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Dental Implants – Crystal River, FL

Recover Your Missing Teeth for Life

Needless to say, missing teeth can affect much more than just your smile. Simple actions like eating and speaking can suddenly become awkward or even painful, drastically lowering someone’s quality of life over time. Whether you’re missing one tooth or most of them, Dr. Schnell can help you rebuild both your confidence and your bite using state-of-the-art dental implants in Crystal River, FL. These restorations go beyond normal bridges and dentures to bring back teeth in their entirety, creating something that is the next best thing to nature. To learn more about how implants can help close your gaps for good, contact Signature Dental Care today.

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Why Choose Signature Dental Care for Dental Implants?

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Benefits of Dental Implants

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Instead of just sitting on top of the gums like other tooth replacements, dental implants actually involve positioning tiny titanium posts within the jawbone that act as artificial tooth roots. They then provide the foundation for a patient’s new teeth. This unique approach offers patients a host of benefits:

  • Security: Implanted teeth sit within the jawbone just like real ones, meaning a patient can eat whatever they like without their prosthetic moving unexpectedly.
  • Reliable: When placed and restored by a professional, dental implants have an impressive 98% success rate after 10 years.
  • Lifelike: Unlike bridges or dentures, implants don’t require any metal or acrylic attachments to remain stable. Between this and being topped with custom-made restorations, this enables them to blend into any smile to help a patient fully recover their appearance.
  • Durable: Just by brushing and flossing regularly and getting periodic dental checkups, a patient can expect their implants to last for about 30 years on average. In many cases, they’re able to last a lifetime!

Indications for Dental Implants

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Dr. Schnell can use implants to help patients dealing with any degree of tooth loss. After giving someone an exam, she can determine which of the following solutions best meet their needs:

Missing Single Tooth

Animation of implant supported dental crown

A dental implant post is placed into the jawbone, and a porcelain crown is connected to it using a small screw called an abutment. This restoration is able to support itself and doesn’t require the surrounding teeth to be altered at all.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Animation of implant supported fixed bridge

For patients with consecutive and nonconsecutive missing teeth, a small number of implants can be used to attach a bridge or partial denture directly to the jawbone. This gives these prosthetics a strength and stability that removable ones simply can’t match. Plus, they have a more natural appearance as well.

Missing All Teeth

Model of an implant supported denture

Even patients missing most or all of their teeth can benefit from dental implants. A full denture can be secured directly to the jawbone with just four to six strategically placed posts to provide a set of teeth that is strong, comfortable, and guaranteed to remain that way for many years to come.

How Dental Implants Work

Animation of dental implant restoration process

The dental implant procedure is typically broken up into two main phases: placement and restoration. For the placement portion, Dr. Schnell will refer a patient to one of her trusted local specialists to surgically position the post(s) within the jawbone. After a patient has had time to heal, they’ll return to Signature Dental Care so Dr. Schnell can attach their new crown, bridge, or denture. This collaborative approach ensures that a patient receives the highest quality care at every step of the process and enjoys a positive, long-lasting result.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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Every dental implant treatment Dr. Schnell provides is completely personalized based on a patient’s unique situation, so the cost of the procedure is always different. Here are a few factors that can affect the overall price:

  • How many implants a patient wants
  • Where the implants will be located within the mouth
  • What type of restoration is needed (bridge, denture, etc)
  • If sedation dentistry or any preparatory procedures are necessary (such as a bone graft or tooth extractions)

While dental implants might seem expensive at first glance, they are intended to last for decades, and they often cost less over the long-term compared to traditional bridges and dentures that usually have to be replaced every five to seven years. It’s an investment that’s worth making!